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Victor Brecanthot

The Misfortunate Chronicles of Havisham Hollow; Chapter 4

The time is 8:22 am. It is October 25th, 1882. I am awake now. At least that’s what it says in this diary by my bedside. It’s labeled “Property of Victor Brecanthot”, so I can only assume it belongs to me. As far as I recall, I just got out of bed. I’ve never once looked in a mirror or left this room. I am married to Debbie Brecanthot. That much I do remember. She is the most wonderful woman, so beautiful, so sweet! She lights up my world! I could kiss her all over until every star burnt out and fell from the sky. I can’t remember how long I’ve been sick, but for all I know I’ve never seen a doctor. I can only assume something is wrong. Every face looks at me as if something is missing. But they only just met me! Maybe I’m cured.

I am awake now. The time is 8:47 am. I just woke up. I have never been awake until just now. The only thing I remember is Debbie. Oh, Debbie! Always my Debbie! They tell me it’s been over a decade, and yet here she is, the moment I wake up from the void! She lights up my world! I would be lost without her. I don’t know why she would want to remain with a void like me, but there’s her loving smile! Every day, as glorious as the sunrise! I’d be lost without her, but I worry I’m lost already. Except for my wonderful Debbie. Always my Debbie!

The time is 9:13 am. This is the first time I have been awake today. I am awake now! I have never been awake till now. There she is! Oh, my Debbie!! You were waiting for me all this time to wake up! It has been ages!! Always my beautiful Debbie! I love you so much, let me spin you in my arms and dance until we’re dizzy!

The time is 9:23 am…

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